Sizing up a jersey can be an ordeal. With different manufacturers making their jerseys in different ways - the sizes can be all over the shop. UK buyers even have to factor in the difference between US sizing and UK sizing (we're a bit smaller over here, because we don't have IHOP or Denny's).

How we size -

  • The size next to an item will be it's ACTUAL size. If it was manufactured as an XL but it fits like a medium: we will label it M.
  • We eliminate the difference between US and UK sizing by listing in this fashion.
  • To give you EXTRA confidence, we we provide the exact measurements of each item. The pit to pit measurement is measured in inches from armpit to armpit, and the length measurement is taken in inches from the shoulder to the bottom hem.
  • To compare it - grab a jersey, jacket or shirt that fits you well and measure it in the same way. Then compare the measurements. See below.


We proudly ship in 100% biodegradable postage bags. Our green bags have become somewhat of a hallmark for us - you know its NVL when one of those pops through the letterbox.

Whilst the packaging will biodegrade happily in your garden - it will also be strong enough and safe enough to get your package to your door in one piece. So REUSE IT! Put it in your garden, make packaging flowers. Let you in-laws think you've lost your mind. Or save the packaging and pass it on!

"did you see the neighbours Garry...? They're growing those weird packaging flowers again"

We ship hats in 100% recycled cardboard boxes so they don't get crushed in the mail. We know how handsy the postmen can get.

We also stuff the boxes with recycled packaging material - just to make extra double sure (with a cherry on top) that your hat arrives to you IN SHAPE! (unlike Eddie Lacy).

*Please NOTE if your package weighs more than 2kg and you are shipping internationally, you will NEED to choose DHL Express Shipping*


We ALWAYS ship TRACKED, so we will know where your item is AT ALL TIMES.

International buyers are also responsible for any import fees or taxes your country may charge upon delivery when ordering via our standard service.

(International buyers can avoid this by using our DHL Express service - which includes all duties & taxes paid)

Please double check your shipping address, we are not responsible for undelivered packages. If a package is undeliverable or sent back, customers are responsible for the shipping cost & return shipping costs. We reserve the right to cancel international orders at any time.

Years and Eras.

So ... what are the years next to my jersey? What does that mean?

We research every single jersey we get in to give it it's proper place in NFL history. Usually you can tell by the jocktag what year a jersey was manufactured in - as there were some ears where certain manufacturers were king.

With Reebok and Nike, they change their jocktags and jersey design every few years - so it is easy to date them that way.

With jackets, sweats, snaps and other items it is far easier to date them based on their ERA rather than specific year - otherwise we would be here until dawn!

All years are reference only, and we do our best to make them accurate - but there might be some mistakes. If you can spot any, please let us know as we would love to be as accurate as possible. After all, this is the OFFICIAL MUSEUM of NFL HISTORY *.

*this is not the official museum of NFL history.