About us

The History of The National Vintage League.

We started life, as most great companies do - in a garage.

A bit of packing tape, a few awesome jerseys, and a bit of elbow grease.

We have always been obsessed with 1990s culture, brands and sports. Starter, Champion, Logo Athletic, pre-2000s Nike, early Reebok - bold, interesting clothes that were built to LAST.

We wanted to offer fans in the UK a service for authenticating jerseys, as eBay and similar sites were flooded with fakes. It was impossible to get a good deal, or to even know what you were buying.

We had no plans or grand vision for the company, just a hope to connect to other fans through jerseys, fandom and niche 1990s sports culture.

So we simply set about making NVL the company that WE wanted it to be.

 - Sustainable.

 - Fan-focused.

 - Always Authentic.

 - With an N64 in the office.

We could’ve never imagined we would be sitting where we are now - selling authentic vintage US sports jerseys and apparel ALL over the world. To current players, retired players - and most importantly, the people who make all of this possible - the true HOF legends - people like you! 

And thanks to every single one of you, we managed to win "Best Business For Customer Service" at the 2022 Southwark Business Excellence Awards!

If you’re not already bored, and want to read some more about NVL feel free to check this article from Southwark News!

Thank you for helping us do what we love.
Chris & Willie, NVL